changes to facebook reach

It has been one of the most talked about changes to Facebook among marketers and anyone who runs a Facebook page for business. Massive changes to the Facebook algorithm and your reach. Do you feel like your page is suffering?

First let's address what happened to Facebook reach. The truth is nothing happened to reach itself, but there was a change to how Facebook calculates reach.  Starting February 2018, Facebook has changed how it calculates organic reach. The new organic reach definition counts the number of people who had an unpaid post enter their screen. Previously organic reach was counted when a person had an unpaid post placed into their News Feed whether it entered the screen or not. Based on these new calculations alone, you can expect to see your reach numbers drop.

Think about the positives of this change. Do you really want to know how many people had your post in their News Feed even if it didn't enter their screen? Probably not! The results you are receiving now are showcasing how many people really saw your post in the News Feed.

Second big change was to the Facebook algorithm.  In January, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would be changing its news feed algorithm to prioritize content from “friends, family and groups.” Due to this change, businesses may be seeing a significant drop in their organic reach. This seemed to cause massive panic among marketers, page owners, and small businesses.

Don't give up! The algorithm is still rewarding pages that post engaging and relevant content! How can you achieve this?

  • Post relevant content that your audience likes to see.
  • Engage in meaningful discussion with your followers.
  • Incorporate live posts.
  • Give your posts a little extra boost with some paid ads.

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